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Business Types

INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning I have always been fascinated by the concept that your greatest strength is often also your greatest weakness. Many business owners have preferences for T and for J. Preferring Thinking and Judging is an advantage in business. It gives you a ... Continue Reading

The Decisive INFP

INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning When Deciding Gets in the Way of Keeping Your Options Open INFPs are decisive, but others don’t see this process unless they violate our values. People, with a preference for INFP, tend to first focus inwardly on evaluating ideas according ... Continue Reading

Suffering from Social Fatigue

INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning For me, small talk is a big deal and chitchat can feel like an interrogation. You may think I’m strange, socially inept, or a recluse, but the reality is I’m not that unusual. Extrapolating from the U.S. type data and rounding the world p ... Continue Reading

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning In today’s business environment, people who use Extraverted Thinking, the INFP’s inferior function, are often rewarded for their logical approach to business decisions. Logic, in the purest sense, is objective. When making business decisi ... Continue Reading

What Makes You Laugh?

INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning I realized something a long time ago. I don’t laugh at some things that many others find funny. At a summer street carnival several years ago, I watched an entertainer call a young boy from the audience, asking him for assistance with his a ... Continue Reading

Overlooked and Underestimated

INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning Shy, reluctant to speak up, withdrawn, timid, lacking confidence – are these the words that describe an INFP? The world is in love with the extravert, not the introvert. Each of the words above has a negative connotation. MBTI® practit ... Continue Reading


INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning Mahatma Gandhi once said that “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” This quote accurately describes my INFP version of happiness. To be happy I have to be in harmony with others. There is no way ... Continue Reading


INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning After reading Tolkien’s quote – “I often long to work at my nonsense fairy language and don’t let myself ’cause though I love it so it does seem such a mad hobby!” – in my previous blog, I started to wond ... Continue Reading

The Burden of Self Promotion

INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning I have INFP preferences and I always have found it difficult to talk about myself. I don’t mean going on and on to the point of making people feel ill, but simply directing the conversation to something that promotes me. This, of course, ma ... Continue Reading

Take It Personally

INFP Reflections Blog By Paul Dunning Why would someone say or do something and then provide instructions on how to interpret, or feel about, what they had just said or done? When you get feedback in any form, whether it is complimentary, corrective, constructive, or cranky, you ... Continue Reading