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Explorers ENTP and ENFP

Explorer Career Success Stories and Strategies

A request from Donna Dunning Please Share Your Story or Strategy Although I have studied personality type for over 20 years, I still find it most helpful to hear from the experts on the different types. That’s you. To help others learn and develop, please share your stories. Ho ... Continue Reading

Occupations that Attract Explorers

Here is a sample of occupations that appeal to Explorers. Use this list as a starting point for thinking about the kind of work that might appeal to you. Many more occupations that attract your type are listed in What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition. As you read through the ... Continue Reading


Innovate and Initiate Personality Types ENTP and ENFP Explorers are constantly scanning the environment looking for associations and patterns. They naturally link ideas together and see connections. They like to focus on what could be rather than what is. They see many possibili ... Continue Reading