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The Decisive INFP

The Decisive INFP

INFP Reflections Blog

By Paul Dunning

When Deciding Gets in the Way of Keeping Your Options Open

INFPs are decisive, but others don’t see this process unless they violate our values.

People, with a preference for INFP, tend to first focus inwardly on evaluating ideas according to their values (Fi). They have a core set of values that tend to be quite entrenched.

Others see INFPs using Extraverted Intuition (Ne) outwardly, to focus on the possibilities and potential of the people around them.

That core set of values can get in the way of keeping options open.

I have made some decisions that I refuse to reopen, reconsider, or re-evaluate. It’s too late for that. I’ve moved on.

Maybe I’ve been too harsh. Maybe I should take another look at some of these previous decisions but I am not going to, no matter what new information comes my way.

How stubborn, you might say. Well, you have a point, however here’s the way my value system works, for those who care to know.

I have a basic premise that all people have good intentions, are honest, and straightforward. I also realize that this is not true. I’m not naïve, nor am I stupid, but I give people the benefit of the doubt.

Give me a reason to distrust you, with my possessions or my feelings, and I’ll close the door on any future interactions we may have. As Patrick Swayze said in the movie “Dirty Dancing”, “you’re just not worth it”.

So, as you can see, INFPs can be decisive. It’s another aspect of our personality that others don’t expect.

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