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Introduction to Type® and Communication

With today’s emphasis on team-based and collaborative management and decision-making, communication can make or break an organization. Introduction to Type® and Communication, one of the most popular booklets in the Introduction to Type® Series, provides a comprehensive l ... Continue Reading

Introduction to Type® and Learning

Introduction to Type® and Learning will help you learn more effectively and help educators reach their students to improve learning performance. This booklet introduces you to 10 key learning strategies and, through the lens of personality type, explores learning styles associat ... Continue Reading

What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd Edition

Let your personality type guide you toward a more meaningful career. According to Richard Bolles, best-selling author of What Color is Your Parachute? “this is the most helpful book [he has] ever read about using ‘type’ in the workplace. Donna Dunning’s knowledge of type, ... Continue Reading

10 Career Essentials

Donna Dunning’s highly acclaimed first book, What’s Your Type of Career?, linked personality type to career choice and helped thousands of individuals achieve greater job satisfaction. In this follow-up book – one of the few to help you excel in the workplace once y ... Continue Reading

Type and Career Development

As a third booklet in the MBTI® Type Practitioner Series, this hands-on resource outlines the processes and action steps needed to apply personality type theory to the practice of career development, helping others manage and capitalize on career and lifestyle choices. Type and ... Continue Reading

Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Learning

The Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Learning presents an easy-to-use process showing readers how to become effective lifelong learners. This resource is useful for any learner and especially helpful for those who are taking on roles in training, teaching, coaching, or le ... Continue Reading

Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Change

This Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Change helps readers navigate change using two tools. The first tool is a step-by-step process that allows readers to move through a specific change in a structured, practical way and includes strategies for acknowledging, accepting, ... Continue Reading

Introduction to Personality Differences User’ ...

This guide enables a practitioner to deliver dynamic and engaging training sessions to audiences of any size: from one-on-one sessions to large group workshops. Author Donna Dunning reveals the powerful uses of the Introduction to Personality Differences program, along with techn ... Continue Reading

Introduction to Personality Differences

Where do you start when clients first come looking for advice, ready to begin professional and personal development? How can you introduce them to some basics without overwhelming them or squeezing hours you don’t have out of your impossibly packed schedule? Introduction to Per ... Continue Reading

Type and Training

Type and Training is a guide for practitioners who are new to facilitating workshops using personality type concepts. Perhaps you have just received your MBTI® certification credential and are beginning a new practice, or your organization has asked you to lead a staff developme ... Continue Reading