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Posted in Blog on July 19, 2017

Coaching Coaches

By Donna Dunning Website Inquiry Do you have any training tips? I am running a workshop with coaches and looking for exercises to help them understand Judging and Perceiving differences. My Answer The Basics Good question.When working with a group of coaches, the first step is to ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on October 1, 2015

Performance Coaching: Being Personal and Impartial ...

By Donna Dunning When coaching, it is useful to look at the personal and situational factors affecting your client’s performance. If you see your client as a unique individual operating under unique conditions, you can explore factors inside and outside of their work environme ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 6, 2015

Performance Coaching: Being Accommodating and Chal ...

By Donna Dunning When accommodating clients, you consider how your clients prefer to do things. You work through their natural strengths and approaches. For example, for clients who prefer to learn in a practical manner, you help them find ways to learn on the job rather than exp ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 2, 2015

Building a Positive Coaching Relationship

By Donna Dunning Few people willingly share weaknesses or try new behaviors if they are uncomfortable with the person trying to help them. Before you can help others improve their performance, those you wish to help must see you as a credible and sincere professional. How can yo ... Continue Reading