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Illustrations of Type – ISTP and INTP

By Donna Dunning In my MBTI® Certification workshops participants respond to the instruction -“Describe your type using words, phrases, or pictures.” I find these visual representations of type preferences help illustrate individual differences. To complete this poster, an i ... Continue Reading

Type Statistics: ISTP and INTP Analyzers

By Donna Dunning Examine and Evaluate Individuals with these personality type preferences have a dominant function of Introverted Thinking (Ti). Together, people with preferences for ISTP and INTP comprised 8.7% of the national representative sample of personality type preferenc ... Continue Reading

Illustrations of Type – ISTP

By Donna Dunning In this poster, a person with ISTP preferences describes how she wants to be managed and how she tends to manage others. Please notice her key points- be straight, logical, give her time, and then leave her alone. These are important points for others to remember ... Continue Reading

Analyzers (ISTP and INTP): Personality Type Prefer ...

By Donna Dunning This is the eighth post in a nine part series describing typical stress response patterns linked to personality type preferences.  The information in these posts shows you how to assess your stress levels, identify your stressors, and build resilience to stress ... Continue Reading

Developing Your Type – ISTP

By Donna Dunning ISTP Practical Analyzer: Examine and Evaluate “Get to the point.” 5.4% of the population Type Dynamics for the ISTP Dominant (Ti): Inwardly logically analyzing data based on their experience Auxiliary (Se): Outwardly acting on the facts and details of the imm ... Continue Reading

Personality Type and Learning: ISTP

By Donna Dunning Practical Analyzer (ISTP) “Get to the point.” Our personality type preferences link to how and what we prefer to learn. In my booklet, Introduction to Type and Learning, I describe how each of your four preferences (E/I, S/N, T/F and J/P) link to your learnin ... Continue Reading

Narratives of Type: Analyzers (ISTPs and INTPs)

By Donna Dunning Stories are as old as mankind but it seems we never get tired of hearing them. I’m always interested in hearing or reading authentic stories about people, their personality preferences, their careers, their strengths, and their challenges. From talking with peo ... Continue Reading

ISTPs at Work

By Donna Dunning Practical Analyzers “Get to the point.” 5.4% of the population Practical Analyzers support their analytical decisions with a focus on facts and realities. The resulting combination leads to an interest in improvisation and practical problem solving. The foll ... Continue Reading

Analyzers (ISTPs and INTPs) at Work

By Donna Dunning Examine and Evaluate Analyzers are at their best when they can use their natural work preferences. By focusing on your preferences, you can find work that is personally satisfying. The following list describes typical characteristics and preferences of Analyzers ... Continue Reading

Is there an ISTP in your life?

By Donna Dunning ISTP motto: “Get to the point.” People with preferences for ISTP are relatively rare in the general population (5.4% of the US representative sample collected by CPP Inc.) and even rarer in MBTI ® Certifying workshops. In over twelve years of running these w ... Continue Reading