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What’s Your Type of Career?

What’s Your Type of Career?

The simple truth is that to be happy and successful in a career, you need to be doing work that aligns with your personal preferences – that is, a career that fits your personality. In What’s Your Type of Career?, award-winning psychologist, teacher, and member of the MBTI® International Training Faculty, Donna Dunning provides concrete links between personality and career to help anyone manage transition, enrich a career path, or move into opportunities that best suit his or her unique talents.

Dunning uses the well-established personality type theory of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) to identify eight natural work styles – the Responder, Explorer, Expeditor, Contributor, Assimilator, Visionary, Analyzer, and Enhancer-and explore how people use each to communicate, organize, approach tasks, solve problems, make decisions, lead, and be led.

With a rich variety of exercises, checklists, tips, and strategies, Dunning takes readers through an easy five-step career planning process that highlights their strengths and skills to help them make better career choices. What’s Your Type of Career? delivers a set of powerful tools that link personality type to career success. This highly acclaimed book has helped thousands of individuals chart a path to professional growth and greater job satisfaction. Let your personality type guide you toward a meaningful career.

Winner of the Foreword Magazine’s Career Book of the Year Bronze Award 2001

“This is the best written, most insightful, and most helpful book I have ever read about using ‘Type’ in the workplace. Donna Dunning’s knowledge of type popularized by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® tool is encyclopedic!”

Richard N Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute?

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