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Type and Training

Type and Training

Type and Training is a guide for practitioners who are new to facilitating workshops using personality type concepts. Perhaps you have just received your MBTI® certification credential and are beginning a new practice, or your organization has asked you to lead a staff development session using type concepts. Whatever the context, this booklet will help you facilitate interesting and effective training sessions that can lead to a rich and rewarding experience for both you and your participants.

Type and Training delivers a step-by-step process in five practical steps: developing a training solution, designing the training session, developing facilitation strategies, designing activities and designing an evaluation. Following this process virtually ensures an engaging and informative session as well as a way to demonstrate the workshop’s effectiveness. This guide also provides ways to accommodate every type’s preferred learning style to optimize the impact of the workshop. Type and Training can accelerate the effectiveness of a new MBTI practitioner, as well as improve the workshops of experienced trainers.

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