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TLC at Work

TLC at Work

This comprehensive and practical book explores the two main areas of performance improvement:

1.  Core practitioner competencies that lay the groundwork for a trust-based working relationship and for learning effective techniques to create, coach, and monitor a development plan with others.

2.  The five core competencies every worker needs to succeed in today’s workplace: self-responsibility, communication, mindfulness, productivity, and proactivity.

With powerful assessment tools and checklists, practical tips and step-by-step advice, a sample development plan, and a detailed guide to eight distinct ways of working based on type, this comprehensive field book provides all the resources needed to establish measurable competencies for specific and definable work roles that accommodate differences, help individuals excel, and contribute to improved overall business performance.

A comprehensive guide for anyone responsible for facilitating professional growth and development. — T&D Magazine, December 2004

Breaking down Dunning’s lessons to five competencies for workplace success makes coaching easier and leading others a less painstaking task. — Soundview Executive Book Summary, December 2004

Dunning provides detailed check lists throughout the book so readers can check their own or their client employees’ progress. — HR Magazine, August 2004

Dunning shines in her discussion of personality traits and working with the dynamic uniqueness of individuals. — Biz Books by Jim Pawlak, April 26, 2004

Highly recommended and superbly useful guidebook. Though intended for business use, its principles are also directly applicable to volunteers. — Bookwatch, July 1, 2004

Offers a practical guide for coaches, trainers, supervisors and any leader to achieve professional and personal development. — Incentive Magazine, May 2004

Provides a powerful toolbox of strategies, checklists, tips and techniques. Offers assistance to coaches, trainers, HR professionals, career counselors. — Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 17, 2004

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From the Author

I wrote TLC at Work because I often see employees, coaches, leaders, and supervisors struggling to achieve results in the workplace. Like basic reading, writing, and arithmetic are necessary for success in school, I determined there are five basic workplace competencies essential for success at work. I wanted to create a resource that outlined these basic workplace competencies. But to simply describe them didn’t seem adequate. I wanted to specifically define them in terms of behaviors, so people could clearly see what they needed to do to demonstrate each competency. The process would be incomplete unless I also showed how to transfer these competencies to workers. I accomplished this by defining two TLC (training, leading, coaching) competencies needed for fostering development. Using specific behaviors, examples, and concrete tips and strategies, I showed how individuals could foster development of others in the workplace. During my 25 years experience as a learning, career development, and work performance consultant, I have learned that individuals tend to respond differently in development situations. To customize the development process and address individual needs, I have provided tips and strategies for considering and accommodating personality preferences. To make the book user-friendly, I incorporated many checklists, tips, examples, and points of balance to consider. My goal was to make the book both practical and comprehensive. If your work roles include training, leading, coaching, or supervising others, I think you will find TLC at Work to be a useful resource.


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