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Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Learning

Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Learning

The Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Learning presents an easy-to-use process showing readers how to become effective lifelong learners. This resource is useful for any learner and especially helpful for those who are taking on roles in training, teaching, coaching, or leading others.

By using this booklet, readers will be able to understand two important aspects of learning. First, learning styles are described and second, the booklet helps individuals manage the learning process by developing a learning strategy.

The Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Learning uses interactive checklists to help you identify your learning style and preferences. Tips customized to your learning style will help you choose what, when, how, and where to learn. The content is summarized using a structured learning strategy that, when completed, documents and focuses your learning. You will see how to adapt to different learning settings, especially those that don’t suit your preferences. Leaders, coaches, trainers and teachers will find practical tips for customizing and enhancing their interventions. This quick guide is a valuable resource for both personal learning improvement and facilitating the learning of others.

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“Today’s workplace requires continuous learning. This booklet provides good content and great tips for the adult learner to understand their style of learning and design strategies and plans to create successful learning experiences.”
—Alice M. Fairhurst, coauthor of Effective Teaching Effective Learning: Making the Personality Connection in Your Classroom

“This book is a boon for lifelong learners, teachers, trainers, and educators! It is invaluable to know how you learn best, and the differences among learners—for both self-education and for helping others learn and grow. Dunning shows how to make a complete Learning Plan for mastery of any subject or skill—the single most valuable capability in our society today.”
—Ronald Gross, author of Peak Learning: How to Create Your Own Lifelong Education Program for Personal Enjoyment and Professional Success

“An insightful, practical book for both the lay person and type and temperament enthusiasts. Donna Dunning has provided a thorough and unique look at self-directed learning. Both on its own or in conjunction with other titles in the Quick Guide Series, this publication provides much-welcomed information and approaches that can be implemented immediately.”
—Denise Hughes, Director of Career/LifeSkills Resources, Inc.


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