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Introduction to Type® and Communication

Introduction to Type® and Communication

With today’s emphasis on team-based and collaborative management and decision-making, communication can make or break an organization. Introduction to Type® and Communication, one of the most popular booklets in the Introduction to Type® Series, provides a comprehensive look at communication styles and strategies, with practical tips for communicating with others, and developmental tips for each of the 16 MBTI® types.

An introduction to the topics of personality type, type dynamics and type development is followed by highlights of communication differences for each of the four preference pairs.

The dominant, most trusted and developed, function, provides a framework for organizing the differences in communication styles. The eight communication styles are presented in brief with examples of communication styles in action. To further develop the ability to understand and accommodate communication differences, the communication style for each of the sixteen types is described in detail.

Effective communication helps you express yourself and understand the perspectives of others. Different people want to hear different information in a way that encourages them to listen. Introduction to Type® and Communication is a valuable resource for increasing communication effectiveness in your organization.


I recommend this booklet as a thoughtful and valuable contribution to the use of type information to facilitate communication in organizations, as well as in personal relationships.

Pierre Ferrand, APT Bulletin


The 2016 second edition includes the following enhancements:

  • New design for a refreshed look and feel
  • Improved content organization and layout for better usability
  • Updated type language for easier comprehension of MBTI concepts
  • New graphic elements to reinforce learning
  • Complimentary access to an all-new companion website

Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Communication Companion Website

This all-new companion website presents MBTI type concepts in a dynamic digital format to enhance learning and retention. The website is intended to be used in conjunction with the booklet and is designed to help individuals further explore the MBTI framework after an initial training.

Each Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Communication booklet purchased contains a unique access code that allows the owner to register for free, unlimited access to the website.

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Introduction to Type® and Communication is also available in Spanish


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