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Personality Types


Visionaries like to take time to think about and find meaning in data, ideas and experiences. They will create and revise rich mental models that help them to understand and interpret their experiences. Visionaries are future oriented. They like to look at possibilities and will often make complex plans for changing systems or improving processes.

Two Types of Visionaries

Visionaries are energized when working within the internal world, reflecting on and categorizing experiences. They must balance this internal focus by making decisions and acting in the world around them.

Logical Visionaries

Personality Type INTJ

A picture is worth a thousand words.”

2.1% of the population

Logical Visionaries trust and naturally use logical analysis to help them sort through ideas to find the most expedient way of solving a problem or improving a system.

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Compassionate Visionaries

Personality Type INFJ

There’s more to it than meets the eye.”

1.5% of the population

Compassionate Visionaries focus on creating and implementing projects or other activities that will help people. Using a personal and caring approach, they like to work with others.

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Information on this page has been excerpted from What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition

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