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Specialize and Stabilize

Personality Types


Assimilators like to take in detailed information and then spend time integrating that information with past experiences and knowledge. They like to gain a comprehensive understanding of the facts. Assimilators will be able to draw on this rich accumulation of facts and experiences to make decisions and take action. As they approach a situation or solve a problem, they will take time to reflect on previous experiences; they will remember and use strategies that worked well in the past.

Two Types of Assimilators

Assimilators are energized by working within the internal world, reflecting on and categorizing experiences. They must balance this internal focus by making decisions and acting in the world around them.

Logical Assimilators

Personality Type ISTJ

Why reinvent the wheel?

11.6% of the population

Logical Assimilators will be outwardly decisive and logical. They are task-oriented and focused on efficiently carrying out obligations and meeting goals.

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Compassionate Assimilators

Personality Type ISFJ

Don’t rock the boat.”

13.8% of the population

Compassionate Assimilators balance their internal focus on facts and experiences with an external focus on people and values. They will like to create and work within a positive, supportive and harmonious working environment.

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Information on this page has been excerpted from What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition

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