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Personality Types


Analyzers like to take time to analyze information and make logical decisions. When presented with a problem or a task, they immediately begin to logically think the situation through by collecting information, asking themselves questions and looking for the best course of action. They like to relate principles of science, technology or other areas of expertise to problem solving and they like to find ways to try their ideas and test their conclusions.

Two Types of Analyzers

Analyzers are energized by working within the internal world of reflection and analysis. They must balance this internal focus by taking in new information and acting in the world around them.

Practical Analyzers

Personality Type ISTP

Get to the point.

5.4% of the population

Practical Analyzers like to trouble-shoot and solve problems. They enjoy dealing with immediate situations and are most engaged when analyzing the details and specifics of a concrete problem.

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Insightful Analyzers

Personality Type INTP

Get the picture?

3.3% of the population

Insightful Analyzers are naturally attracted to opportunities to independently analyze and solve complex problems. They enjoy working with theoretical ideas and seek knowledge and insights that help them objectively understand the world around them.

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Information on this page has been excerpted from What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition

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