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What does Extraverted Sensing look like?

What does Extraverted Sensing look like?

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningI was watching a movie called Premium Rush the other day, and it seemed to me that the main character, Wilee a New York bike messenger, was portrayed as relying on Extraverted Sensing (Se). He races down the streets quickly adapting to traffic and responding to situations as they occur.

The film actually takes you through his rapid thoughts as he considers and rejects various maneuvers in the blink of an eye, finally taking action to avoid hitting something or getting hit.

Wilee: I can’t work in an office. I don’t like wearing suits. I like to ride. Fixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. The bike cannot coast. The pedals never stop turning. Can’t stop. Don’t want to either.

This quote, in my opinion, captures the active, responsive, risk-taking, flavor of people who have ESTP preferences.

Have you seen the movie? Do you agree?

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