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Spotlight on ESFJ

Spotlight on ESFJ

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningESFJ Practical ContributorContributor

Motto: “Many hands make light work.”

When creating type resources, one of my goals is to offer practical descriptions and examples to help people understand each of the different patterns of personality type preferences.

One way I have done this is by creating mottos for each four-letter combination. Each motto is based on type research, my reading, and my experiences. The intention is to create a motto that reflects the dominant function.

I chose “Many hands make light work.” for ESFJ preferences to describe their practical, collaborative, results-oriented approach.

People (SFJs) who introvert Sensing (Si) and extravert Feeling (Fe) generally are comfortable following social norms and conventions. They may expect that others will like to do the same.

This may create conflict when other types want to ignore social traditions and engage in novel or unconventional ways of celebrating events or approaching social situations.

Your Opinion

Are you someone who follows social conventions and traditions or are you someone who likes to change them?

Have you had experiences when following or changing traditions has created conflict in your interactions? For more information on these preferences, go to the ESFJ tag.

What’s Your Type?

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Introduction to Type and Communication describes in detail how personality preferences influence communications.

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