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INTP Blogs and Online Information

INTP Blogs and Online Information

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningWhen learning about personality type preferences, it can be helpful to read people’s posts and blogs.

I hope you enjoy my posts, as I share information about each of the 16 types. Sometimes it is best to access information about type preferences directly from someone who has those preferences.

Here are a few sites or posts about INTPs, written by INTPs, to help you learn more about their experience.

Jason Evans has an interesting site, INTP Experience, where he describes his experience of having INTP preferences.

Life of an INTP by Matt is also a good read for understanding INTP preferences.

I watched two videos posted on YouTube by tacoma200, INTP careers and INTP emotion. Both of these were earnest, open descriptions of his INTP personality type preferences and I thought both were well worth viewing to hear an authentic INTP voice.

On Pinterest, there is a collection of pins on INTP by Nanette Clark and INTP State of Mind by Paleo.

As you read these posts, be aware that sometimes people are mistyped or do not understand all of the concepts of personality type accurately.

Do you have INTP preferences and have an online presence, or do you know of any INTP sites that are accurate to personality type? If so, please share them in the comments. Thanks.


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  1. We all naturally use one mode of operation within each category more easily and more frequently than we use the other mode of operation. So, we are said to “prefer” one function over the other. The combination of our four “preferences” defines our personality type. Although everybody functions across the entire spectrum of the preferences, each individual has a natural preference which leans in one direction or the other within the four categories.

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