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INFPs and Decision Making

INFPs and Decision Making

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningWe all have different ways of solving problems and making decisions. People with INFP preferences have their own distinct, strengths and challenges.



• Can imagine many diverse possibilities and options

• Look for solutions to problems that make the world a better place for people in the long-term

• Want to make decisions and find solutions to problems in a way that is respectful and accommodates the needs of the people involved

• Value harmony and are willing to accommodate and compromise

• Usually take a live-and-let-live approach to differences that are not of high personal importance to them



• May hesitate to decide, preferring to move forward and explore new ideas rather than follow through with what has been started

• When making an important decision, may disengage from impartial discussions and become overly sensitive to the personal side of the issue

• When deciding, may not pay enough attention to the specific facts, details, and realities of the situation


• INFPs may not talk about what is most important to them

• INFPs may avoid dealing with important decisions or problems that require some confrontation of differences or raising of disagreements to solve

• When personal values are attacked or threatened, INFPs may become stubborn and inflexible in their decisions


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