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INFJ Blogs and Online Information

INFJ Blogs and Online Information

By Donna Dunning

Donna Dunning
When learning about personality type preferences, it can be helpful to read people’s posts and blogs.

I hope you enjoy my posts, as I share information about each of the 16 types. Sometimes it is best to access information about type preferences directly from someone who has those preferences.

Here are a few posts about INFJs, written by INFJs, to help you learn more about their experience.

Vicki Jo is a personality type expert who shares her thoughts at

Here are a couple of interesting sites from tumblr

The INFJ Den

INFJ Doodles

If you want to take a bit of time to listen to videos from INFJs, there are a number on YouTube.

In INFJ Experience, by Kate Hill, she describes her preferences.

As you watch these videos and read these posts, be aware that sometimes people are mistyped or do not understand all of the concepts of personality type accurately. Vicki Jo cautions you about this in her YouTube video, INFJ “Confession”.

Do you have INFJ preferences and have an online presence, or do you know of any INFJ sites that are accurate to personality type? If so, please share them in the comments. Thanks.


Want to learn more about personality type and how to use it to understand yourself and others?

Introduction to Type and Communication describes in detail how personality preferences influence communications.

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Introduction to Type and Learning can help you find your motivation for learning and help you learn more effectively.

If you live in the USA, Introduction to Type and Learning is also available on Kindle.

Looking for a practical resource to help you plan your ideal career? Check out my book, What’s Your Type of Career?: Find Your Perfect Career By Using Your Personality Type

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