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Illustrations of Type – ESFP

Illustrations of Type – ESFP

By Donna Dunning

In my MBTI® Certification workshops participants respond to the instruction – “Describe your type using words, phrases, or pictures.” I find these visual representations of type preferences help illustrate individual differences.

Here is a photo of a response from a group with ESFP personality type preferences.

ESFPs typically approach the world using their dominant function, Sensing (Se), observing and interacting in a practical, immediate way. “Let’s go… and do… now”

Their auxiliary function, Introverted feeling (Fi), is shown by their optimism (glass is half full) and their interest in meeting people’s needs.

Notice the smiley faces, colorful illustrations, and positive approach that show the fun, active, caring ESFP combination of preferences.

You may also enjoy looking at how other ESFPs have completed this illustration of type exercise.

If you are interested in seeing how people with different type preferences complete this exercise, check out the Illustrations of Type series.

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