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Illustrations of Type – INTJ

Illustrations of Type – INTJ

By Donna Dunning

In my MBTI® Certification workshops participants respond to the instruction -“Describe your type using words, phrases, or pictures.” I find these visual representations of type preferences help illustrate individual differences.

Here is a photo of a response from an INTJ group. They have reproduced my image for the Visionary, reaching for the unreachable, and made the character female. You can see the depth and breadth of thought that is often associated with people who prefer INTJ. Notice how they describe, analyze and solve their response to stress, demonstrating the combination of interpreting and implementing characteristic of INJs.

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2 Responses to “Illustrations of Type – INTJ”

  1. I really relate to this first illustration.. I am like 98% NT (Very very strong) and I keep having deep internal conflict because I work with idiots, and the place basically encourages dishonesty and total disregard for rules and procedures. I do not think there is a place left that values integrity..

  2. Luc says:

    I find that a lot of people are so focused on what people think of them they mentioned all the little details and most times forget the big picture. Unless something is coherent and systematic, I have a difficult time talking to these people without being strongly judgmental. People violate principles all the time, especially the more rank that a people has within a company. In the corporate world, employees stop being employees and become people pleasers once a promotion is given. This is irrational. It is because of their hard work prior to becoming part of management that actually leads them to a management role!!

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