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Graduation Trials and Tribulations

Graduation Trials and Tribulations

By Donna Dunning

Perhaps you completed your educational program this spring. If so, congratulations!

Completing school requires hard work, dedication, and persistence. Graduation is a major accomplishment and a positive experience, but like any other life change, it is a time for both stresses and opportunities.

Graduation Leads to Transition

Being a student is, in some ways, a break from some of the realities and stresses of life beyond education. Of course, school is challenging and demanding. You likely have family and financial responsibilities, but learning is usually considered as a major role and a major focus for your time and energy. When people ask what you do, your simple response can be “I’m a student.” You can have “summer” and “part-time” jobs without feeling these define you.

Once you graduate the pressure is on to determine who you are and how you are planning to live your life. “What will you do now?” will be a reoccurring question and concern. No longer can you focus on passing courses and completing your program. People will be questioning you about your plans. You will want to use your new skills/knowledge to move yourself into a (hopefully) bright new future. Paying off your bills and debts moves to the forefront and job seeking takes on a new intensity.

All transitions entail both loss and opportunity. Temperament theory can help you understand what you need to manage your transitions. Check out my 4 Temperaments and Change post for several tips to help you manage this life event.

Graduation is Stressful

The graduation transition can be stressful. You may be moving, looking for work, handling job interviews, or having financial concerns. Your future may be uncertain and your roles are changing.

Here is a link to some general tips to help you identify your stressors and manage the stress of your situation.

You may also want to read a more specific description of stress management linked to your personality type preferences.

Responders (ESTP and ESFP)

Explorers (ENTP and ENFP)

Expeditors (ESTJ and ENTJ)

Contributors (ESFJ and ENFJ)

Assimilators (ISTJ and ISFJ)

Visionaries (INTJ and INFJ)

Analyzers (ISTP and INTP)

Enhancers (ISFP and INFP)

Graduation is a Time for Opportunities

Graduation may be a difficult transition and can be stressful, however it is also a time of great potential and growth. Now you have the chance to escape the educational institution and make your mark on the world. Your knowledge and skills will help you find satisfying work and create a life that aligns to who you are and what you want to accomplish.

I have written several blogs to help you realize your career path. Check out these posts for ideas on how to create a career that works for you.

Why are you working?

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I hope you enjoy reading them and find the ideas useful. Congratulations again and best wishes for your continued life and career success.

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