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Finding the Motivation to Grow Your Career INTJ

Finding the Motivation to Grow Your Career INTJ

By Donna Dunning

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People who have preferences for INTJ tend to focus their attention in the inner world by learning and integrating concepts and models, using Introverted Intuition (Ni) as their dominant function. They research topics of interest in-depth, looking for connections and links. In their outer world, they tend to evaluate and decide using an analytical, logical approach (Te).

For more general information on type dynamics and motivation, please refer to the introductory post for this series, Find Your Motivation and Grow Your Career.

When they find opportunities to use this core approach at work, the result is usually a satisfying, meaningful career.

Building Your Skills

When learning and developing their competencies, INTJs need to hone their core approach as well as develop skills and knowledge outside of their preferences.

Some of the skills that may come naturally for INTJs include strategic or systems thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, as well as implementing and evaluating complex solutions or plans. Careers that use these skills are often appealing to people with INTJ preferences.

However, there are times when INTJs need to use and develop skills in their non-preferred functions. For the INTJ, this might include managing routine tasks and performing administrative details, dealing with unexpected changes or differences of opinion after a plan has been made, taking time to develop rapport and engage others, and taking a practical and immediate focus.

I’m sure the INTJs out there can add to this list of non-preferred skills and activities.

Finding Your Motivation

INTJs will be most motivated to learn skills in their non-preferred functions “in service of the dominant function”. In other words, they need to see how the new learning can help them create and implement their long-term vision.

I remember an INTJ leader describing his frustration when others started to “push-back” and oppose his well-thought-out plan of action. After a few of these experiences, he started to realize that he wouldn’t be able to get the cooperation he needed to effectively accomplish his vision unless he developed some non-preferred functions.

Although it was difficult and tedious, he found ways to explain his ideas and include others in his planning process earlier than he would naturally prefer. He took time to listen to, and incorporate solutions for, how people would be affected by the changes. He also has learned the importance of creating a sequential plan that includes practical details (actually he has found a coworker who creates this for him).

He now finds his ideas are accepted and implemented quicker with few obstructions.

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