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Expeditors (ESTJ and ENTJ): Personality Type Preferences and Stress

Expeditors (ESTJ and ENTJ): Personality Type Preferences and Stress

By Donna Dunning


This is the fifth post in a nine part series describing typical stress response patterns linked to personality type preferences.

The information in these posts shows you how to assess your stress levels, identify your stressors, and build resilience to stress. When you understand your stress response you can learn to note the first signs of stress, implement changes to build resilience, and avoid the unpleasant experience of stress taking over.

For more information read the series introductory post Personality Type and Building Resilience to Stress.

First signs of stress for Expeditors:

  • Making categorical, negative judgments with little back-up data
  • Moving quickly from task to task without achieving effective results
  • Becoming dictatorial and demanding

When stress takes over:

  • Become overly sensitive to inner emotional states
  • Have outbursts of emotion
  • Make attempt to control strong feelings; fear appearing emotional or incompetent

Common stressors:

  • Lack of control
  • Disorganization, lack of logic, or incompetence
  • Illogical procedures, behavior, or criteria

Deal with stress by:

  • Sharing your experiences and feelings
  • Finding calming support from someone you trust
  • Taking time alone to regain focus and control
  • Engaging in physical activity

The sixth post in this series explores the typical stress pattern for people who have ISTJ and ISFJ preferences.

The material in this series has been adapted from In the Grip by Naomi Quenk. This is a useful booklet for anyone who wants to understand his or her stress response in more detail.

The photos accompanying this series are “signs of stress”, everyday cautions and warnings we see in the world around us.

Not sure of your personality type preferences? Visit the 8 Ways of Working page.

Do you have preferences for ESTJ or ENTJ and want more information about your type? Check out the Expeditor tag.

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2 Responses to “Expeditors (ESTJ and ENTJ): Personality Type Preferences and Stress”

  1. Interesting article Donna. Physical exercise works for me about 90% of the time (except when I’m also partly exhausted and then i just need some pampering!). Interesting that you included taking time alone. Sometimes i think it’s better for us ENTJ / ESTJ types to be distracted and take the focus off that overly sensitive state that can come up. Although maybe time alone doing something away from the stressor!

  2. I identify with this, particularly lack of control as a stressor, and outbursts of emotion as a response. (I’m not sure if I’m S or N, but I’m certainly ETJ. I’ve had both results in tests.)

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