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ESTJs at Work

ESTJs at Work

By Donna Dunning

Practical Expeditors

“Let’s get to work.”

8.7% of the population

Practical Expeditors balance their decisive approach with a focus on facts and realities. The resulting combination leads to an interest in efficiently completing the task at hand.

The following list describes typical characteristics and preferences of people who prefer ESTJ. Identify the items that are true for you so you can seek work that suits who you are.

As a Practical Expeditor, I prefer to:

  • Attend to and organize details
  • Maintain the status quo
  • Clearly define expectations, tasks, and results
  • Organize and manage tasks and people
  • Establish standard operating procedures
  • Experience practical interactions with others
  • Attend to immediate tasks
  • Work in a predictable and stable environment
  • Achieve concrete results and tangible products

There is also a general list of work preferences for both ESTJs and ENTJs at Expeditors at Work that will help you figure out your natural way of working.

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Information on this page has been excerpted from What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition.

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