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ENFJs and Decision Making

ENFJs and Decision Making

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningWe all have different ways of solving problems and making decisions. People with ENFJ preferences have their own distinct, strengths and challenges.



• When decisions need to be made, ENFJs check in with the people involved to ensure everyone is heard

• Are interested in considering people’s long-term needs and in finding opportunities for individuals and groups to learn and develop

• When deciding and solving problems, ENFJs want to identify and harness each individual’s unique talents and skills

• Will be a champion for people during decision-making; often speak up for people who may be negatively affected by decisions

• Like to come to a decision or solution and then take action to follow through with their choices in a collaborative and cooperative way



• May want to decide and move forward as well as have a desire to consider all the options and possibilities – these two needs may conflict

• When deciding, ENFJs tend to focus on vision and potential and may be seen by others as more idealistic than realistic

• May need to incorporate more objective, logical analysis into decision-making and problem solving processes


• Others trust what they know from experiences and focus on the data at hand when deciding – ENFJs need to link their innovative ideas and solutions to known examples and practical applications

• ENFJs may take an impersonal analysis of a situation as a personal affront and react defensively when others make choices that seem to be unfair to some of the people involved

• Not all decisions or problems have to be made through consensus. At times, ENFJs may need to be OK with accepting decisions that aren’t perfect for everyone or be comfortable agreeing to disagree


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