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Communicating With ENTPs

Communicating With ENTPs

By Paul Dunning

Over the years we have accumulated a large amount of data here on our web site about each of the sixteen types.

This series of articles summarizes responses by communication workshop participants previously posted in To Communicate With Me and Communication Highlights.

In each personality type summary we highlight themes and then rank those themes by organizing them from most to least common responses.

The bulleted points are statements on each of the 4 themes identified from ENTP responses.

A person who prefers ENTP wants you to:

Engage in a back and forth, open-ended conversation

• Listen to what I think about it and give opportunity for questions

• Respond to me (debate)

• Allow me to brainstorm verbally what I’m trying to say or figure out – and feel free to jump in with your ideas!

• Be open to considering new information and allow time to get it

• Be receptive to hearing me out

• Be patient

• Listen

• Show alignment

Share the “big picture” and new ideas

• (Provide the) big picture first

• Be visual, show me your thoughts and ideas

• Tell me what you were thinking about and what you would like to achieve

• Show me your thoughts and ideas

• Tell me the goal or objective before you give me the details (e.g.: give me your address before you give me directions)

Embrace debates and challenges

• Understand I usually don’t mean it personally

• Understand that for me, “why” is an attempt to understand rather than an attack

Be logical

• (Provide) supporting logic

• Be logical in your approach

What Does This Tell Us?

People with ENTP preferences are most interested in an engaging conversation with input from both sides. They enjoy playing with and verbally testing out new ideas. ENTPs want information presented to them logically with the “big picture” concepts first.

You can find more information on type interactions in Introduction to Type and Communication.

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