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Analyzers: Typical Strengths and Work Preferences

Analyzers: Typical Strengths and Work Preferences

By Donna DunningDonna Dunning

Personality type preferences ISTP and INTP

Characteristic Strengths

• Adaptable

• Flexible

• Analytical

• Self-reliant

• Independent

Work Preferences

• Internally questioning and analyzing why and how things are done

• Finding out how and why things work

• Solving problems and improvising

• Seeking logical connections to new information

• Using objectivity and approaching situations in a logical manner

• Working independently in a changing, challenging environment

This post is an excerpt from Donna’s book, 10 Career Essentials

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  1. This is absolutely “right on” Donna. My Father was an ISTP and my husband an INTP and this fits both of them totally! I’m an INTJ and I read something awhile back that said that a perfect match for an INTJ is an INTP and for me that is very accurate. We are Soul Mates!

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