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A Gift of Information

A Gift of Information

By Donna Dunning

Updated December 2017.

To celebrate the holiday season I wanted to give a gift to my readers. I blog to clarify personality type concepts and stimulate discussions. By doing this I hope to help others learn and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of individual differences.

I decided the best gift was to highlight the efforts of others who have the same purpose and focus as I do. Hopefully there will be a new link here for you to explore. Happy reading!

CPP Inc.

CPP inc., the publisher of the MBTI(R) tool has an official MBTI ® Facebook fan page.

CPP also has a blog site called CPP Blog Central and an additional site, MBTI OnLine, with blogs as well as an on-line version of the MBTI(R) tool.

Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT)

CAPT is an excellent resource. They have a searchable bibliography for personality type research, a wealth of general information, as well as a Type for Life blog. They also sell type resources and offer training sessions.

Myers & Briggs Foundation

The Myers & Briggs Foundation site offers a wealth of information on psychological type concepts including many references and information on how to use personality type concepts ethically.

Other Bloggers

I have found a few bloggers whose posts concentrate on personality type. I’m sure there must be more out there. If you are a type aficionado who blogs on the topic or if you have found a site worthy of mention, please add a comment and share the url. Here are the personality type dedicated blogs I have found:

Nancy Ancowitz site, Self Promotion for Introverts, has insightful advice at her blog for those who prefer introversion.

Psychology Today has a feature with blogs called The Introvert’s Corner.

Andrea Wenger is a writer rather than a type practitioner. She uses personality type concepts to enhance her writing work. Her blog, Write with Personality, has many interesting observations and ideas.

Come to think about it, all these blogs are focused on or written by people with introverted preferences.

Hmmm…. am I the only extravert who blogs about personality type?

Jean Kummerow, a well-known type expert, shares an overview of personality type concepts in her Ted Talk called What’s Your Type?

Hopefully some of the readings or videos will stimulate your interest and build your knowledge. Enjoy your Holiday Season.

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8 Responses to “A Gift of Information”

  1. Thanks for the mention, and for the resources. As an introvert, I’m glad to see so many websites available for us. But I also enjoy hearing an extravert’s point of view — it’s a great learning experience.

  2. Donna Dunning says:

    You are welcome Andrea. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. Anna says:

    I was thinking whilst reading “Hmm, I wonder if there are any blogs that focus on extraversion?” Though by their nature I think ‘reflective’ blogs must be more Introverted. I can’t picture what an Extraverted blog would really be ‘about’…

    As an ENTP myself with moderately strong E (in the MBTI definition of energy from outside, rather than “people” focus as I often see it characterised – sometimes even in tests) I blog about “disparate but ultimately connected subjects” and have occasionally written about personality type though perhaps not as a focus in itself, but have a few ideas. Maybe in the new year! Another project! Yippeee! (I’ll get started, just as soon as I’ve solved these other problems I’ve taken on myself from last year!)

    I came across a website ‘Typealyzer’ ( (not affiliated). By entering a URL it will analyse what the writer of that text appears to be. I believe this is done on frequency of word usage and Bayesian statistical clusters or some similar method. Occasionally it ‘thought’ I was an ESTJ! Perhaps writing just appears more organised than it is in our head.


  4. Christine says:

    Thanks for all these info. But I still like this web site the best. 😉

  5. Donna Dunning says:

    Hi Anna, Thanks for your comment. I have seen the Typealyzer site and my blog came up ISTJ which is the exact opposite of my ENFP preferences. I like your idea that maybe I look more organized (and reflective, practical, and logical!) than I am. As a dominant extraverted intuitive I certainly have experienced the “so many ideas, so little time” dilemma. If you do start a blog let me know. I am gathering information for a resources and links page.

  6. Donna Dunning says:

    Thanks Christine. It is good to know that my information is appreciated.

  7. Erin says:

    Thanks so much for sharing and including the links to find this info. I visited some and also “liked” several of the pages on FB. Very informative-I appreciate you sharing this information.

  8. Donna Dunning says:

    Hi Erin, Thanks for your positive comment.

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