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ISTJs at Work

ISTJs at Work

By Donna Dunning

Logical Assimilators

“Why reinvent the wheel?”

11.6% of the population

Logical Assimilators balance their careful, structured approach with an internal focus on logical reasoning. The resulting combination leads to an interest in solving problems and carrying out practical tasks in an efficient manner.

The following list describes typical characteristics and preferences of people who prefer ISTJ. Identify the items that are true for you so you can seek work that suits who you are.

As a Logical Assimilator, I prefer a work environment that:

  • Is stable and predictable
  • Allows uninterrupted time to concentrate
  • Offers opportunities to use logical decision-making
  • Involves detailed and meticulous tasks
  • Provides supervisory or management opportunities
  • Is structured and organized
  • Provides clear procedures and expectations
  • Provides opportunities to work independently
  • Rewards competency and efficiency

There is also a general list of work preferences for both ISTJs and ISFJs at Assimilators at Work that will help you figure out your natural way of working.

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Information on this page has been excerpted from What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition.

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