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Innovate and Initiate

Personality Types


Explorers are constantly scanning the environment looking for associations and patterns. They naturally link ideas together and see connections. They like to focus on what could be rather than what is. They see many possibilities in everything they can sense, experience and imagine. Explorers are enthusiastically and outwardly focused on the future and like to initiate change. They see every situation as an opportunity to try something different.

Two Types of Explorers

Explorers must balance their ability to see many possibilities with an approach that allows them to evaluate information and make decisions.

Logical Explorers

Personality Type ENTP

The possibilities are endless.”

3.2% of the population

Logical Explorers balance their approach of innovation and initiation with an internal focus on logic and analysis. They like to create a complex system of patterns and models by evaluating and critiquing new information.

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Compassionate Explorers

Personality Type ENFP

Follow your dreams.”

8.1% of the population

Compassionate Explorers balance their approach of innovation and initiation with an internal focus on values. They rely on their personal sense of responsibility and integrity to help them identify opportunities to help others and develop human potential.

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Information on this page has been excerpted from What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition

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