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Direct and Decide

Personality Types


Expeditors like to use logical analysis. They critique situations and spot flaws. They are organized and efficient, priding themselves on getting the most accomplished in the least time. Expeditors like to solve complex problems, efficiently complete tasks and to be clearly in charge. The Expeditor will quickly analyze a situation, take control and mobilize people to get the job done.

Two Types of Expeditors

Expeditors use analysis and decisiveness as their preferred approach to situations. To be effective, they need to balance their decisive nature with an effective way of taking in new information.

Practical Expeditors

Personality Type ESTJ

Let’s get to work.”

8.7% of the population

Practical Expeditors use concrete facts and immediate goals as inputs for their decisions and analysis. They prefer to solve immediate and tangible problems using a matter-of-fact, results-oriented approach.

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Insightful Expeditors

Personality Type ENTJ

Let’s make it happen.”

1.8% of the population

Insightful Expeditors incorporate their internal models of patterns and possibilities into their decision-making. They like to build and improve structures and systems, taking an objective, long term, strategic approach.

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Information on this page has been excerpted from What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition

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