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Communicate and Cooperate

Personality Types


Contributors focus on personal relationships, values, opinions and interactions. They actively strive to connect with others, create harmony and cooperate. Contributors want to make sure that everyone is happy and involved. They are especially interested in organizing and coordinating events, processes and activities that meet the needs of everyone concerned. Contributors naturally appreciate others and want to be appreciated themselves for their uniqueness and their effort.

Two Types of Contributors

Contributors use a personal, subjective decision-making approach to situations. To be effective, they need to balance their decisive nature with an effective way of taking in new information.

Practical Contributors

Personality Type ESFJ

Many hands make light work.”

12.3% of the population

Practical Contributors are focused on the here and now, seeing and evaluating situations accurately and providing for the immediate needs of others. They are especially interested in being of service to others in a direct and practical way.

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Insightful Contributors

Personality Type ENFJ

Two heads are better than one.”

2.5% of the population

Insightful Contributors balance and enhance their Contributor focus by imagining possibilities for others. They see potential for growth and development and often act as mentors.

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Information on this page has been excerpted from What’s Your Type of Career? 2nd edition

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