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When Two Introverts Communicate

When Two Introverts Communicate

By Donna Dunning

Communication is complex and it is, of course, impossible for me to describe all of the dynamics and complexities of relationships or interactions in a short post.

What this post will do is describe some general positive characteristics and potential challenges when two people with preferences for Introversion interact.

I hope you can use this information as a starting point for a better understanding of your relationships with others.

Enjoy the conversation

• Quiet time and room for inner space and privacy
• Conversations with deep meaning and minimal small talk
• Calm, peaceful interactions
• Being able to recharge while together
• Neither have high needs to fill in silences

But watch out for

• Avoiding conflict
• Magnifying unresolved issues internally
• Not verbalizing important concerns (especially IF’s)
• Avoiding social events and networking opportunities
• Potential misunderstanding because thoughts and decisions may not be expressed

Of course, personality type preferences are only part of how you communicate and a discussion of one personality type preference pair doesn’t adequately describe personality type dynamics.

If you are interested in reading more about whole type interactions, see my Getting Along post or my Introduction to Type and Communication booklet.

If you live in the USA, Introduction to Type and Communication is now available on Kindle.

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  1. donna chucka says:

    Hello Again: I enjoy your posts on Facebook Donna and encourage my “grands” to read them. Very different info on this site than they usually get and all good too. Just wish I could call you a second or third cousin and say you look like “????”. I keep hoping.

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