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What Might be a Challenge for an ESTJ?

What Might be a Challenge for an ESTJ?

By Donna Dunning

People with preferences for ESTJ tend to enjoy seeing concrete results. They often set high standards for themselves and others. Under stress they may become over committed.

As one individual with ESTJ preferences notes: “I am usually good at managing details. However, sometimes I get too busy. I find it very challenging to keep up with the details for the thousand and one things that need to be done. I am constantly trying to tie up all the loose ends.”

Working efficiently can be a definite strength for someone who prefers ESTJ. However, under stress we can over-use our strengths.

In the case of the ESTJ, he or she may fall into a pattern of moving too quickly from task to task without focus.

Action and Reflection

ESTJs can challenge themselves to stop and reflect before acting, especially when their levels of stress are high and they are locked into a go, go, go… mode.

Taking time, even for a few minutes, to reset priorities and organize tasks, can assist ESTJs in getting back on track.

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