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What Might be a Challenge for an ENTJ?

What Might be a Challenge for an ENTJ?

By Donna Dunning

People with preferences for ENTJ tend to enjoy accomplishing results, setting high standards for themselves and others. They often find it most efficient to get things done by taking charge.

As one individual with ENTJ preferences notes: “First, my family will tell you, even though I am the youngest child, I was always trying to boss around my older siblings and cousins at a very young age. I would get very annoyed with them when they didn’t listen. (In fact, I still do.)”

A challenge with this approach can be that other people may become annoyed too. They may respond to this directive approach with passive or overt resistance. To entice others to follow their plan, ENTJs sometimes need to step back and let others take some of the control.

Stepping back is not easy for an ENTJ

I have seen many ENTJs learn to let go of control once they understand that this is a necessary skill to develop. Actually, this is one of the things I admire about ENTJs, their interest in doing what needs to be done to accomplish a goal.

However, they often struggle to do this, as a child would struggle not to touch a soft puppy sitting right in front of them. They itch to act. They know they can do the right thing and do it quickly. They may antagonize when others hesitate or contemplate action.

Some ENTJs tell me they practice giving up control in small areas to build their capacity. Other ENTJs say they keep focused on their need to learn and develop as they learn to let go.

If you have ENTJ preferences, do you see a need to step back? If so, what strategies have worked for you?

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