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Using Personality Type in Career Development

Using Personality Type in Career Development

By Donna Dunning

Here are four key ways to use type in your career development.

1. Identifying your (or your client’s) preferred approach to work

There are certain kinds of activities and ways of doing things that are energizing and comfortable. Learning about these can help you (or your client) find work that is satisfying.

2. Generating career possibilities

People of any preference combination can be successful in any kind of work. However, we can tap into a considerable body of research showing that specific occupations attract people with certain personality type preferences. Reading about these occupations can provide a starting point for generating work ideas and options.

CAUTION: If an occupation is attractive to others who share your preferences, this does not automatically mean you will enjoy that work. You also need to consider skills, interests, values, lifestyle, constraints, and experiences.

3. Customizing the career planning process

Just as people are suited to different kinds of work activities, they also have preferred ways of looking for work and planning their career.

Knowing how to do career planning so that you get the results you want can be as important as knowing what work you are looking for.

Career coaches need to be aware that the way they might naturally offer career planning is not always the way others will want to do it. Understanding personality type can help you customize your process to accommodate the needs of your clients.

4. Identifying strengths and developmental challenges

Since we are not perfect, everyone can benefit from a framework for identifying our strengths and weaknesses. Awareness helps us capitalize on our strengths and compensate for our weaknesses.

For career coaches and counselors this awareness can help us guide our client’s development as well as help us learn to be more effective in the work we do.

If you are interested in learning more about using personality type in career counseling, I am offering a one-day workshop on Personality Type and Career Direction through Psychometrics Canada on July 20/2012 in Vancouver, BC.

An extensive discussion of personality type, career choice, and personal development can be found in my book What’s Your Type of Career?

If you want to enhance your workplace competencies while keeping your preferences in mind, check out my book 10 Career Essentials.

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