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Type Trivia

Type Trivia

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningWhich 2 type letters are shared by almost half of the US population?

The most common type in the US national representative sample is ISFJ (13.6% of the sample). However, this is only the most common type for women.

For males, there are more ISTJs (16.4 % of the sample) than ISFJs (8.1 % of the sample). There are also more male ESTJs (11.2% of the sample) and ISTPs (8.5 % of the sample).

When you do the math, 43.2% of males and 49.5 % of women in the US representative sample have SJ preferences.

How are decision-making, teamwork, communications, and change management affected when almost half of the people we are communicating and working with have SJ preferences?


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