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Type Trivia

Type Trivia

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningOn a values scale, which four-letter-type had the highest percentage when ranking “Relationships/Friendships” as “Very Important”?

On a values scale, which four-letter-type had the lowest percentage when ranking “Relationships/Friendships” as “Very Important”?

Results from this study, using the National Representative Sample, found that on average (including all the personality types) “Relationships/Friendships” was ranked “Very Important” by 62.6% of the sample.

There were type differences.

The highest average score for this ranking was ENFPs, with 79.5 % ranking it as very important.

This makes sense to me. People who prefer ENFP are generally outgoing, enthusiastic, sociable and interested in meeting new people and interacting with people they already know. They only mention the top scores for each value, but I assume that ENFJs are likely right up there too.

As an ENFP, I know I tend to be very invested in finding and maintaining friendships.

The lowest average score for this ranking was INTJs, with 30.8 % ranking it as very important.

This also makes sense to me. People who prefer INTJ are often self-reliant, independent-minded, and reserved. Usually they dislike small talk and are impatient with social niceties. Again, only one bottom score was listed, but I’m assuming INTPS are likely low scoring as well.

Does this make sense to you?


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2 Responses to “Type Trivia”

  1. Christy says:

    It definitely makes sense to me (INTJ/INTP). From a logical point of view, I see the importance of relationships, and in my own life I love having good friendships and good relations with my family, but without them I’d still have a jolly good, enjoyable life. I’d miss them, but it wouldn’t prevent me from enjoying life and the resources of my own brain.

  2. Tami says:

    I agree with this also. I am in a tough situation in that I am an INTJ mom and my adult son is ENFP. This has been a problem in our relationship. Many moms probably would love to have their son call them on a daily basis, but it becomes very trying for me. I also had a career as a 911 operator and was on the phone constantly and so now I hate to talk on the phone. It hurts his feelings when I don’t want to talk or when I don’t call him. I sound heartless, but he seems so needy to me! It’s exhausting to me! So to find out his type is the highest scoring and my type is the lowest scoring on this…….well it explains a lot!

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