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Type Statistics: ISTJ and ISFJ Assimilators

Type Statistics: ISTJ and ISFJ Assimilators

By Donna Dunning

Specialize and Stabilize

Individuals with these personality type preferences have a dominant function of Introverted Sensing (Si).

Together, people with preferences for ISTJ and ISFJ comprised 25.4% of the national representative sample of personality type preferences collected in the USA by CPP Inc.

Personality Type ISFJ

Overall, ISFJs are the most common type preferences in the US, comprising 13.8 % of the national sample. However, many more females than males have this personality type pattern.

ISFJ males: 8.1% of the sample of men

ISFJ females: 19.4% of the sample of women

Personality Type ISTJ

People with ISTJ preferences comprised 11.6 % of the US national representative sample. However, when you look at gender, the ISTJ is actually the most common personality type pattern for males.

ISTJ males: 16.4% of the sample of men

ISTJ females: 6.9% of the sample of women

You will likely be dealing, in your day-to-day activities, with someone who has these personality type preferences.

Both ISTJs and ISFJs tend to approach the world in a careful, methodical, practical way. They enjoy following an established procedure to get things done.

If you have preferences for ISTJ or ISFJ, it would be useful for my readers to hear your career story. Please add it on my Assimilators Career Success Stories and Strategies page.

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