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Type Statistics: ENTP and ENFP Explorers

Type Statistics: ENTP and ENFP Explorers

By Donna Dunning

Innovate and Initiate

Individuals with these personality type preferences have a dominant function of Extraverted Intuition (Ne).

Together, people with preferences for ENTP and ENFP comprised 11.3% of the national representative sample of personality type preferences collected in the USA by CPP Inc.

People who approach the external world with a perceiving function are often seen as open-ended, spontaneous, and casual.

Seeking options and flexibility, they usually dislike highly structured environments.

Personality Type ENTP

People with ENTP preferences comprised 3.2% of the US national representative sample.

ENTP males: 4.0 % of the sample of men

ENTP females: 2.4 % of the sample of women

Personality Type ENFP

People with ENFP preferences comprised 8.1 % of the US national representative sample.

ENFP males: 6.4% of the sample of men

ENFP females: 9.7 % of the sample of women

Taking a Perceiving Approach to the World

In the national representative sample collected by CPP Inc., there are slightly more people with Judging than Perceiving preferences.

Societal norms typically encourage a Judging approach, favoring decisiveness, planning, and structure. School and work environments have also traditionally operated in a highly scheduled manner. As well, time and task management courses and strategies often encourage people to take this organized approach.

All this structure and planning can feel confining to those who like to take a Perceiving approach.

Having ENFP preferences, I have personally dealt with this by having my own business. This allows me to work on my own time doing projects I choose. I create “to do lists” and meet deadlines on time, but generally I can find room in my days to maneuver and change my plans.

What have other people with ENTP and ENFP preferences done to build more flexibility into their life?

If you have preferences for ENTP or ENFP, it would be helpful for my readers to hear your career story. Please add it on my Explorer Career Success Stories and Strategies page.

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