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Type Snobbery

Type Snobbery

By Donna Dunning

Donna Dunning“My type preference is better than yours.”

I like to read about type and when I find an interesting article, idea, or info-graphic, I like to share the content with others on social media.

I keep running into one problem on the Internet that stops my finger from hitting the share button.

Putting down one type to celebrate another

I understand that sometimes our preferences and four-letter-types are misunderstood or underestimated. Making a point about the value of each of the type preferences is important and educational, but doesn’t justify bashing the opposite type preferences.

This can be seen in many guises: the “Why X is better at something than Y” articles, subtle negative references to the opposite preferences, or even more overt references focusing on what using a certain preference lacks while emphasizing the benefits of using the opposite.

I’m not denying that all personality type preferences and combinations have strengths and challenges. I just dislike articles that put the use of one preference down to champion the use of the opposite.

We all need to use all of the 8 preferences some of the time. They are all useful in certain situations. Using any preference in any situation has advantages and disadvantages.

Internet writers, please continue to educate people about the value of using the preferences you prefer. For the sake of using the model in the positive way it was developed, please think about how you can champion the use of a preference without diminishing its opposite.

Let’s try to follow the concept of polarity thinking; focusing on the both/and rather than the either/or.


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