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Thriving in Change: Tips for ISTJs and ISFJs

Thriving in Change: Tips for ISTJs and ISFJs

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningIn times of change, the Assimilator’s (ISTJ and ISFJ) greatest strength and also their biggest weakness is preserving the status quo. When faced with changes, Assimilators tend to safeguard what works well.

If you are an Assimilator, you may be uncomfortable trying something new and may not trust changes that disrupt existing, reliable processes.

Here are 5 tips to help you thrive during change:

• Gather concrete and detailed information to ensure the change is practical and carried out in a well organized manner

• Take time to reflect, accept, and plan before implementing changes

• Improve the process by sharing your experiential information about what likely will and won’t work

• Make your changes incrementally, in a step-by-step way

• Challenge yourself to let outdated methods go

You can find out more about how ISTJs and ISFJs respond to change in my temperament post on SJs and Change.

Information in this blog has been modified and excerpted from my book 10 Career Essentials.

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