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SJ Temperament and Careers

SJ Temperament and Careers

By Donna Dunning

Donna Dunning

Career focus is contribution to a group or project


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Although S and J are letters associated with personality type theory, these two preferences also align to an older theory, which describes four basic human Temperaments.

You may be familiar with Temperament theory from one of the following authors or models. David Keirsey calls this SJ Temperament Guardian. Don Lowry uses the color Gold in the True Colors® model. Denise Hughes in Personality Dimensions® uses the term Organized Gold, and Linda Berens names this temperament Stabilizer.

People who share this temperament tend to take a practical and decisive approach. SJs generally prefer their activities to be clearly defined and like to structure their time and efforts.

Career themes:

• Value results

• Attracted to careers in business, services, banking, accounting, civil services, or operations

• Seek membership within a group and prefer to have well-defined tasks, expectations and roles

• Want to take actions that are useful, practical, and economical

• Like structure, routine, and security

• Decisive; want to know what is coming next

• Strive to be organized and systematic

If you have SJ preferences, are these themes true for you? If not, what themes do you see as more important?

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