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Personality Type Preferences and Careers in the Arts

Personality Type Preferences and Careers in the Arts

By Donna Dunning

Donna Dunning

There are all types of people in artistic jobs, but not all people are equally attracted to all kinds of artistic jobs.

College Match Up has done their research and created an infographic with a number of interesting facts and ideas on this topic.

There are many jobs, roles, and activities an individual can carry out while having a career in the arts. To name a few, for example, someone might create crafts or art works for sale, design spaces or products, work in a variety of print or on-line media, teach, or offer therapeutic sessions.

As well, many artists are self-employed, which requires a variety of skills and tasks that go beyond creating an idea or product.

The infographic helps stimulate your thinking about a career in the arts by listing the personality type preferences of people who are most attracted to specific art careers.

Art Careers By Personality Type


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