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Personality Type and Vacation Planning

Personality Type and Vacation Planning

By Donna Dunning

There are many factors that affect how and when you plan your vacation.

I remember seeing a study years ago from the UK indicating that people with ISFJ preferences plan their vacations further ahead of time than any of the other type groups. In this study those with ENTP preferences were at the other end of the planning timeline.

These findings fit well with type dynamics. Those who prefer ISFJ have a dominant function of Si (Introverted Sensing). This inner approach focuses on collecting relevant information and data. Planning ahead, thinking about, and managing the details tends to be a comfortable mode of operation for people with this dominant function.

The ENTP’s dominant function, in contrast, is Ne (Extraverted Intuition), an approach more suited to jumping in and seeking new ideas and experiences. An ENTP may be quite happy to “go with the flow” and let their vacation unfold as it will.

Of course, more than personality type preferences influence how and when you take your vacation. You may have to give notice to employers or consider the schedules of your spouse, kids, or other people. You may want to use mileage points or book places ahead to guarantee a spot.

My previous post, Vacations and Type Preferences describes an experience my husband and I had while taking a day off when our kids were young.

There is also an interesting article about vacation preferences on MotherStyles, a website run by Janet P. Penley and Diane Eble. The article offers several examples of how personality type preferences link to vacation experiences. If you are a parent you may want to look around their site for some valuable insights and information. (No, I don’t know these women and they did not offer me money to promote them. I just appreciate seeing well-written personality type information out there.)

It would be interesting to hear from readers how you plan (or don’t plan) your vacation time.

If you are interested in reading more about personality type interactions, see my Getting Along post.

Introduction to Type and Communication describes in detail how personality preferences influence communications.

If you live in the USA, Introduction to Type and Communication is now available on Kindle.

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