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Personality Type and Learning: ESTJ

Personality Type and Learning: ESTJ

By Donna Dunning

Practical Expeditor (ESTJ)

“Let’s get to work.”

Our personality type preferences link to how and what we prefer to learn.

In my booklet, Introduction to Type and Learning, I describe how each of your four preferences (E/I, S/N, T/F and J/P) link to your learning style. You can read a summary of how type preferences influence learning on my Connecting Personality Type to Your Learning post.

In the booklet I also discuss how your whole type, the combination of your preferences, links to your learning style. I do this using the eight dominant function groupings.

I use the name Expeditors for people who prefer ESTJ (and ENTJ), since they both share an active, directive approach to living, working, and learning. In type language these types have a dominant function of Extraverted Thinking (Te). See the Expeditor page for more general information on this combination of preferences.

Expeditors tend to enjoy learning that is orderly, logical, challenging, and efficient. They seek verifiable data and want to learn from a competent, subject area expert who encourages questions and is willing to engage in debates.

Each of the eight approaches to learning are discussed in detail as you can see in these Introduction to Type and Learning sample pages shared by CPP Inc. (the publisher) on their website.

In this post, I have taken a short excerpt from the booklet to highlight how ESTJs prefer to learn. The tips mainly describe how an ESTJ can use their Sensing process to support their natural Expediting approach. If you are learning something new and have ESTJ preferences, use the tips to maximize your learning. If you are teaching, leading, or coaching others, consider adapting your style to accommodate these learners.

Learning Tips for ESTJs

  • Engage in practical, hands-on learning activities
  • Organize material logically and sequentially
  • Accomplish tasks using a step-by-step approach
  • Find concrete examples
  • Apply learning to day-to-day situations
  • Focus on relevant facts and details
  • Link theory to real life examples
  • Find accurate and precise data
  • Ask for clear and specific criteria for evaluation
  • Set and accomplish short-term realistic learning goals.

As well as personality type specific tips, there are essential learning strategies everyone can use to be a more effective learner. These are described in detail in my Introduction to Type and Learning booklet and are summarized in my post on the Top 10 Learning Strategies.

Being a life-long learner is a necessity in this complex, changing world. Understanding and adapting how you learn can be a powerful tool for your career and life success.



You can also purchase Introduction to Type and Learning from CPP Inc. in PDF format.

I hope you enjoy the photographs for this Personality Type and Learning blog series. They were taken from helicopter and boat during a trip to the Discovery Islands off the west coast of Canada.

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