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Narratives of Type: Analyzers (ISTPs and INTPs)

Narratives of Type: Analyzers (ISTPs and INTPs)

By Donna Dunning

Stories are as old as mankind but it seems we never get tired of hearing them. I’m always interested in hearing or reading authentic stories about people, their personality preferences, their careers, their strengths, and their challenges. From talking with people, writing books and facilitating courses I’ve learned that stories can communicate ideas that are otherwise difficult to explain.

It’s relatively easy to find descriptions of the 16 personality types, but more difficult to find websites that share the voices of people with different preferences. In this series of posts, I offer a few quotes from people who share specific personality types.

People who have preferences for ISTP or INTP personality type share a common core process of Introverted Thinking, sometimes referred to as Ti; a reflective, analytical, objective approach. I call them Analyzers and use the words Examine and Evaluate to describe their characteristic approach.

Some quotes have been taken from interviews used in my book, What’s Your Type of Career?. Others are segments of stories shared by readers on my website.

I keep editing to a minimum when I post the stories that people share to retain the authentic voice of the Analyzer, but I have shortened these quotes to include variety and brevity in this blog.

A person who prefers INTP – on being self-critical

“My biggest strategy for coping as an INTP is to be easy on myself. When I am not performing well, or I make a mistake, I can be the most intolerant and unforgiving person with myself.”

An employee who prefers ISTP – approaching work tasks

I find it a challenge to complete my work with the greatest amount of efficiency and the least amount of energy.”

From a man who prefers INTP – on follow through

“In a perfect world, once I had a general plan to solve a problem, I would have someone else attend to the plan and manage the details and realities. I would then be free to move on to conceptualizing another model and solving a new challenge.”


A worker with preferences for ISTP – on living by his principles

“I quit the job because the organization I worked for was far too structured. At the time, it promoted by seniority, rather than competency. I could not fathom why someone who was hired one month or even one day ahead of me would always be considered ahead of me for a promotion or new opportunities.”

Sharing our stories helps us to understand each other and ourselves. If you have preferences for ISTP or INTP please consider sharing your career story with my readers.

For the complete version of these success stories, look at the Analyzer Career Success Stories and Strategies page.

If you would like more information, this site also describes preferences of Analyzers at Work as well as a list of Occupations that Attract Analyzers.

You can also search your four-letter type code or one of the names (ex. Visionary, Enhancer) to find more information relevant to your preferences. See the Introduction to the 8 Ways of Working to familiarize yourself with the personality type names I use.

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