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Mistyping: Is Your Natural Preference Judging or Perceiving?

Mistyping: Is Your Natural Preference Judging or Perceiving?

By Donna Dunning

Sometimes it is tricky to figure out your natural personality type preferences.

We all use Judging and Perceiving

The question is not “Are you a Judger or a Perceiver?” Although some people do talk like this as a short hand for describing their preference, the reality is that we all spend some of our time using Judging (coming to a decision) and using Perceiving (collecting more data).

In fact, our lives are an ongoing combination of collecting information and making decisions. This is how we learn, focus on what is important, and work toward results.

We need to get organized and get it done

People who prefer Judging like working in the world around them to reach a destination; working toward and achieving a goal. It is important to them to get something done.

Hopefully we are all using this J approach at times to get things done and move forward. What might you say when using Judging? Comments like:

• Let’s do this
• You can bring this and I’ll bring that
• We’ll meet Friday at 2 PM
• Let’s make a plan to get this done
• Here’s my plan to get this done

This is J mode and we all go there.

We need more information before we decide

People who prefer Perceiving like to use the outer world as a place to explore options and gather more data. They enjoy observing what happens, discussing alternatives or possibilities, trying things out, or staying as flexible as possible to give themselves time to play with their options.

Hopefully we are all using this P approach at times to get more information. What might you say when using Perceiving? Comments like:

• Let’s wait and see
• What are our options?
• What else could we do?
• Do we need to decide right away?
• We could do this, or that, or something else

This is P mode and we all go there.

Only You Know for Sure

What the J/P preference pair in the personality type code refers to is your natural approach to dealing with the world around you. In other words, what you tend to show to others.

Why might we mistype this preference pair? There are several life circumstances and pressures that might get in the way of identifying your natural preference.

There is societal pressure to act in a Judging mode. Our schools and most work environments operate in an organized, task and goal directed manner. Many people who prefer Perceiving learn to use these Judging tools to get things accomplished… lists, schedules, organizers, or calendars. Accomplishing results is an important competency at work and school and both Js and Ps learn to do this.

Sometimes a person who prefers Perceiving feels a pressure to choose Judging because this is ingrained into them or seems more societally acceptable.

In a similar manner, sometimes someone who naturally prefers Judging wants to present him or herself as more open-ended or spontaneous. They could be in a chaotic situation or learning to be more flexible in the outer world. Their choice on the indicator may reflect this part of their development.

Neither approach is better. The best approach is one that trusts and uses what is natural for you while acknowledging and incorporating the other side of the dichotomy.

For more information on why you might complete an inaccurate self-assessment, see my Why Validate your Type post.

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