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MBTI ® tool: When it does, and doesn’t, work well

MBTI ® tool: When it does, and doesn’t, work well

By Donna Dunning

I was recently asked by a student to share the strengths and flaws of the MBTI® tool. My short answer is that the MBTI® tool is a great tool if and when it is used appropriately. The MBTI® tool doesn’t work well when it is misused.

Type works well:

• as a powerful tool for exploring an individual’s natural tendencies and preferred ways of processing information and dealing with situations.

• as a positive language for understanding healthy, normal differences between people.

• when people are interested in learning about, appreciating, and accommodating others.

• as a platform for exploring strengths and challenges.

• when focusing on personal and professional developmental paths and possibilities.

Type doesn’t work well:

• if preferences are misinterpreted as traits. This leads to “measuring” and “predicting” behavior, which is inappropriate.

• when type preferences are stereotyped.

• if people equate preferences with skills.

• when people don’t understand that everyone needs to use all of the preferences some of the time.

• when preferences are used to blame, explain, justify, or otherwise excuse negative behavior or place people in boxes.

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